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As easy as 1,2,3.

Our three step process will save you time and money.
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Step 1: Learn It.

Get Started

The KIGT Cares program will help you transition into your new Plug-In Car lifestyle smoothly.  


There are many Electric Vehicle (EV) incentives that can help you save thousands of dollars. KIGT can help you find which you qualify for. 

     KIGT Cares All Access To:

  • State and Federal Funding Incentives

  • Funding Incentives Application Forms

  • KIGT Coach FAQ's

  • Ride and Drives

  • EV Workshops

  • EV Charging Install Updates 

  • Educational Material 

KIGT's EV Incentives Application Assistance Program will take care of the majority of the daunting work for you.

We will manage the process for you and help complete the forms and applications on your behalf. 

Incentive Types: 

  • Utility Rebates
  • Municipal Incentives
  • Air Quality Agency Rebates
  • State Funding 

Step 2: Try IT.

We know searching for each EV rebates and other incentives can be an unfun task.  And we know you have a lot better things to do. 


Having to complete each application, then collect additional paper work can be inconvenient and difficult.


With your authorization, KIGT will:

  • Complete the application on your behalf.

  • Collect additional paperwork required.

  • Submit your application . 

  • Follow-Up with the incentive provider.

Funding Assistance 

Step 3: Buy It

Installation Assistance

Let KIGT take care of your entire EV Charging installation process.

Installation Assistance comes with:

  • A certified electrician 

  • A home site visit with the electrician

  • An installation quote

  • Contacting your city for permits

  • Acquire permits if required

We will install your EV Charger in the most convenient yet safe place in your home. 

KIGT will also:

  • Work with your electrical utility

  • Speak to planning engineers

  • Inquire for new meter requirements

  • Inquiry for new sub-panel requirements 

  • Install your EV Charging Station

Get up to $17,500 to buy your new 

Electric Vehicle (EV) and EV Charging Station.


KIGT shares stories of actual plug-in drivers that share their experiences with you.

KIGT will align you with your local utilities and air quality agencies that offer programs to help you maximize every Electric Vehicle funding incentives available for you.

We want to help you understand the many benefits to driving a Plug-In car. You will learn how you can save thousands of dollars a year simply by plugging in and never paying for gasoline again.

Many Plug-In car drivers are enjoying the benefits of that come when buying a plug-in car. Your local utility, local government, and your state offers funding incentives to help you make the switch.


Some EV drivers can qualify up to $17,500 in some states to purchase and Electric Vehicle. In participating states you can get up to an additional $2,000 to buy and install an EV Charging Station at your residence.

Complete the form below to found how much money is available to you to help pay for your new plug-in car lifestyle.

KIGT Cares Questions.

Ask KIGT Coaches your questions, comments, or concerns about Electric Vehicles and KIGT EV Chargers.

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