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First Ever Home Touchscreen

Smart EV Charging Station

The MINI eCharger completely enhances the most important aspects of the plug-in driving experience. The MINI makes life easy and introduces advanced smart charging systems for your Electric Car and home.


The first ever interactive touch screen in a charge station for the home. The MINI eCharger can even connect to your smart house technology.

MINI 2 eCharger


Level 2 (220 volts)

EV Charging Station



starting @ $699 

Charge Smart.

Charge Fast.

Smallest. Fastest. Smartest EV Charging Station.

MINI eCharger is a level 2 (220 volt) fast charger.

Personalize your eCharger by choosing a color.

The MINI eCharger is safety regulated for all Electric Vehicles (EVs). The worlds smallest and smartest EVSE is as every bit as powerful as other

home EV charge stations on the market.



Stylish Compact Design.

Silver    Glossy Black    Matte Black   White

Splash and Water Resistant

Charge Smart.

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