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Charge @ Home


MINI 2.0

Monthly Plan 

Starting @ $50 mo.

Eco Plan

MINI 2.0 eCharger

$50 mo.

2 Yr. Agreement

220 Volt Power   30 Amps   6.6 kWh

MINI 2.0 - Glossy Black 


Only $50 mo.

*Must Be Income Eligible

*Applicants must meet income qualifications 

**Equipment Down Payment $99

Due at signing


The MINI 2.0 monthly payment option are for those who qualify under specific lower income qualification. KIGT will assist you with getting EV Charging rebates offered to you by your local and state government, along with your utilities and air quality agencies. These rebates will help you pay can help you pay for the full amount of the MINI 2.0 eCharger and the installation cost. 


In order to qualify for the monthly payment plan click the get started button below to begin the process. 



Your initial $99 down payment reserves and insures your MINI 2.0 eCharger. Once your KIGT MINI 2.0 eCharger is reserved, the KIGT Cares program will help you with getting your EV Charging rebates and incentives and assign yuo to one of our professional Charge Station installer to place your new

EV Charging system at your home.

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