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National Drive Electric Week Event - Inland Empire

It looked like a scene from the Movie "Back to the Future" when our team looked out into the crowd. My eyes have never seen an actual Tesla dance to music before. Granted the Model-X only has cool lights, falcon doors, and an amazing stereo system with and enthusiastic owner but it moved as graceful as only a beautiful piece of machinery could.

That describes the scene at the first ever Inland Empire National Drive Electric Week Event held at UC Riversides CE-CERT complex. Organized and brought to everyone by EV Nirvana and the Sierra Club.

People from all over the Inland Empire were able to experiencing seeing, touching, and driving all types of Plug-In Vehicles. As mentioned Tesla had representation with the Model X and Model S, so did BMW with their i3 PHEV. Of course the new Chevy Bolt was attendance to let drivers know their is an affordable family all electric vehicle that can go long range.

It was exciting to see the support from the community and community leaders such as Assemblymember Eloise Gómez Reyes who spoke and inspired us with her vision for a Cleaner IE. Also one of our fearless leaders in Joel Levin from Plug-in America spoke, spent time, and answered question throughout the day at their exhibitors table. Special thanks to Michelle Pierce founder/CEO of EV Nirvana who spent countless hours as event organizer for the IE's first ever National Drive Electric Week Event.

Big Ups to Michele Pierce at EV Nirvana for her time and commitment to organize this successful event. Many complimentary pieces to the EV Movement displayed today like American Solar Advantage (ASA). KIGT's installation partner ASA was also letting families know how possible and affordable it is to charge your Electric Car using solar at home.

Overall it was just a terrific event, good memories, and lots of good juju spread. KIGT is proud to say we were there at the first ever Riverside National Drive Electric Week!

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