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mini eCharger  

Fuel Smart. Take charge.

mini eCharger

Charging your electric car at home has never been so quick and easy. 

Charge Smart. Charge Fast.

The first touch screen plug-n car charging station for your home.

We thought of you when we made the eCharger, with convenience and style in mind. The belief is your charging station should also look as cool as your car. 

Charge Cloud Mobile App

Smart Screen Interface

Your charge station should be like all the devices you use everyday.


Your charge station should talk to you, your car, your home, and your electric company.


Helps you avoid charging during peak hours. 


The mini eCharger internal brain has an extremely high IQ. 

Schedule Your Charging Times

Exactly like your smart phone, the smart eCharger comes with aesthetically appealing design features that compliment your style.


The Charge Cloud mobile app comes with cool software updates, that enables you to relax in your home charge your car from your couch.


Among the cool tools Charge Cloud offers, KIGT IQ keeps lifestyle analytics like; your everyday and annual cost savings, energy consumption, and most important your cars overall battery life capacity.

Charge Smart. Charge Fast.

Learn more about installing in your home.

Amazingly Brilliant 

Very first home smart charge stations that predicts how long your car will charge as you plug-in.


You will never have to guess about how long it will take to charge your car again.   

Electrical fueling

eCharge technology helps you save money and avoid a spike on your electrical bill. 


The mini eCharger will predict at the beginning of each month how much you will spend on electricity.    

Why the mini?

Cool touch screen.

Charging your car made easy.

Take Charge.

Skip the gas station.




Like part of the family.

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