Public Electric

Vehicle Charger

Worlds pound for pound smallest, smartest, most flexible, and easiest to use public Level 2 charging station.

Plug in on the go 

Anyone can use our commercial charger to makes charge their electric car when they are in a parking lot. No membership requured.

Fast Easy Payments

Pay with our quick and easy credit card swipe feature.

Advertising revenue 

Place your advertisements on our platform to generate ad revenue for your company and sponsors.

Customize with what you need

Get all the essentials with bonus add ons for wahtever your business needs are. 

  • Include a back-splash for aesthetics

  • WiFi Network Cellular Network

  • Clean Cord Management

  • Custom Branding Colors and Logos

  • Member status for free charging

  • Point of Sale Credit Card Swipe and Billing Software

  • Double encrypted network for extra security

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Do what's best for your car and for the planet!

EV Charging anywhere

For your every day car, for your work car, and for fleet cars.

Our commercial charger is there for you when you are at the airport, work places, hotels, and retail plazas. You can find the KIGT MINI 5 eCharger at colleges, apartment complexes to help with range anxiety to provide more access to EV Charging Stations.

Get a quote for our commercial chargers

Do what's best for your car and for the planet!

Kigt Intelligence

We thought of everything. So we know whats best for you!

KIGT created an easy to use intuitive user interface, seamless billing software, and mobile app, with back-end grid management administrative software for property owners and utilities. ​

KIGT’s Level 2 hardware is also Vehicle to Grid (V2G) capable. Meaning KIGT eChargers can facilitate the bi-directional flow of power from V2G capable EVs back to the grid.

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