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Reshaping 100 years of human habit.

Made in the United States, KIGT eChargers are for people who mostly have their Electric Vehicles parked at home, work, or when running errands. Our commitment is to ensure that EV Charging is more accessible, affordable, and clean. KIGT is dedicated to making charging easier to use with the pound for pound smartest, fastest, and flexible EV charging solution in the World.


What makes



KIGT Cares Service program helps saves you time and money with installation and finding incentives to help families, fleets, and property owners save money on EV Charging projects.

Thanks to KIGT's mobile app, interactive public eCharger

touch screen, predicative maintenance software can talk to your car, phone and the electrical grid.

KIGT eChargers

220 Volt Level 2 eChargers are the smartest and easiest EV Charger to use for your home.

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