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What is KIGT Cares?

KIGT cares about you! KIGT Cares is our promise and our process to save you both time and money through state rebate and incentives

For more questions or to view all rebates available, visit our FAQ below.

We do all the hard work for you!

Searching for EV rebates is hard and boring, so KIGT cares will manage the process for you. 

KIGT Cares gives access to:

  • State and Federal Funding Incentives

  • Funding Incentives Application Forms

  • KIGT Coach FAQ's

  • Ride and Drives

  • EV Workshops

  • EV Charging Install Updates

  • Educational Material

Sign up to start saving money today!

Let us show you how much we care by helping you save time and money !

Let us do all the hard work for you!

We can do all the boring paperwork so you can get back to whats important.

KIGT can help you pursue these incentive types: 

  • Utility Rebates

  • Municipal Incentives

  • Air Quality Agency Rebates

  • State Funding

​With your authorization, KIGT will:

  • Complete the application on your behalf.

  • Collect additional paperwork required.

  • Submit your application.

  • Follow-Up with the incentive provider.​

Sign up to start saving money today!

Let us show you how much we care by helping you save time and money !

  • What does EVSE stand for?
    EVSE stands for "Electric Vehicle Servicing Equpment". EVSE's include electric vehicle(EV) charging stations.
  • Are rebates or tax credits for EVSE different for electric car charging station rebates
    Usually an EVSE rebate is the same as an electric vehicle charging station rebate unless the rebate or tax credit program specifically say otherwise.
  • How do I know if I qualify for any tax credits or rebates?
    Luckily for you KIGT Cares. Jist fill out this online form here. Once you finish, we will tell you if you qualify for any tax credits, rebates, or increntives!
  • Where can I get a more comprehensive list of all rebates and incentives by state?
    Just click here if you want to a more comprehensive overview of all rebates / incentives by state.
  • What do I do if I have any more questions that are not covered in this FAQ?
    Feel free to contact us using the contact button on the top right for any more questions or assistance!
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