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@ Home



Worlds pound for pound

smallest and smartest

Charge Station for your Electric Vehicle.


220 Volt Fast Charger

At Home.

Talks to You. Talks to Your Car. Talks to the Grid.


For your every day car, for your work car, and for fleet cars.

Charge Cloud helps make the transition from

gasoline to plugging-in easier.



Plug-in at home

KIGT makes it quick and easy to install an eCharger in your home.

  • Install fast and simple

  • Home Touch Screen EV Charging Station 

  • Schedule to during off-peak kWh times

Customize your Home eCharger

  • Without a Smart Screen

  • With a Smart Screen

  • WiFi Network

  • Cellular Notwork

  • Card Swipe and Chip Reader

  • Coil Cord

  • Colors - Black, White, Silver, Rose Gold

KIGT_Home Garage_web.jpg

We thought of you.

MINI eChagrer can charge your car up to six times faster than a regular outlet.
The MINI EV Charging Station is the most well thought out Charging Station for the home.

Charge CloudTM Smart Screen

Charge Smarter Not Longer.

Connected to the KIGT Charge Cloud mobile app, EV Drivers can keep track of charging sessions

right in the palm of your hand.

Charging Intelligence

 Thanks to its intelligent software, KIGT eChargers makes EV Charging easy to manage and makes efficient use of energy.

It's the best solution for every home and organization

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