Charge your EV when electricity cost less. 

Scheduled Charging

Charge your Electric Vehicle with the touch of your finger.
Schedule your charging time during off-peak times when electricity (kWh) cost less. 
Scheduled Charging allows you to plug your car as soon as you get home without having to pay a lot of money to charge you Electric Vehicle.
KIGT wants to help you save money in the simplest way possible.

Smart Charging

A giant step for EVs and PHEVs.

Charge Cloud OS is the smartest and easiest way to charge your car.

And the most personal way to stay plugged-in.

Charge Status Estimator.
For the first time as soon as you plug-in, Charge Cloud will tell you how long it will take your car to get to a full battery. 
Know when your Electric Vehicle will be finished charging before your charge session begins.
If you are at home, at work, or out with friends and family
Charge Cloud Mobile App makes your Plug-in lifestyle easier.






Let your fingers be your guide, to every charging location near you.  
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