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Stakeholder eCharger
  • Stakeholder eCharger


    Become a project stakeholder and co-own a community MINI eCharger and earn money as a stakeholder. When you own a community eCharger you become a stakeholder at one of KIGT's hosted locations. 


    As community eChargers are utilized you can participate in a community revenue share as a co-owner of a community eCharger. 


    KIGT is responsible for upgrades of the community eCharger. KIGT will provide the internal and exterior network security, freight and shipping to the site, infrastructure upgrades, installation, and permitting.


    KIGT will manage the eCharger with KIGT's Charge Cloud proprietary software network . KIGT is also resonsible for the on-going operational managment and upkeep of the eCharger for the five years the community MINI eCharger is installed. 

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