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University of La Verne

EV Charging

On Campus.

Lets Work Together.

Phase 1

FREE Charging

Level 2 (220 Volts) Charging sessions will be FREE starting in November until February 5.

ULV-EV Community

ULV has decided to integrate one of the worlds most secure EV Charging cellular connected networks. So until the network is integrated, EV Charging will complimentary until the Smart Screens are installed and connected to the EV Charging Stations.

First 60 Days

Phase 1

EV Community Courtesy

Share EV Charging Spaces - 4 Hour Charging Limit. Also when you are finished charging your car we kindly ask you to consider other Plug-in Car drivers. After your session ends it would be great if you were to move your car to a near by space so others can use the EV Charging Stations next.
EVs Unplugged. We kindly ask when your Plug-in Car is finished charging please re-plug the cord back into the plug holster underneath the charger. This prevents the plug from being damaged and possibly run over.
Phase 2

Phase 2

Smart EV Charging

Smart Screens.

How it works


> Step 1: Select 'Pay by Card'.


> Step 2: Plug in your car.

> Step 3: Charging session begin.


In January KIGT will install Smart Screens that will operate the EV Charging Stations. Starting on that day you will need to use the Smart Screens and pay via credit card swipe to begin your charging session.

Cyber Security. KIGT is excited to announce that the University of La Verne will be connected to the most secure cellular EV Charging network around. This decision was made by administration to protect your private information.


Bye Bye WiFi. KIGT eChargers operate on the Verizon cellular network to provide more security when it comes to protecting your debit/credit card information.


Smart Screen Features:


Credit Card Swipe


Cost Savings Analysis ( Gas vs. kWh)

Electricity kWh Usage 

Carbon Footprint

ULV News


Phase 3 

Smart Billing

Phse 3

Reliable. Affordable. Secure.

Download the app and become a member of KIGT Charge Cloud. Pay for your charging sessions using your smart phone.

How it works


> Step 1: Select  'KIGT Quick Pay'


> Step 2: Plug in your car.

> Step 3: Charging session begin.

Charge Cloud Mobile App

Starting in February, when beginning your EV charging session you can continue to pay using your credit card swipe or you can simply select KIGT 'Quick Pay' with the KIGT Charge Cloud mobile app.
KIGT Quick Pay. Once the app is downloaded you will be able to pay for your charging sessions on the Smart Screen using your QR Code on your smart phone.
Charge Status Alerts. The Charge Cloud mobile app will send you charging status updates periodically to let you know when your car is finished charging.
The KIGT Charge Cloud mobile app will be available for free download on iPhone and Android in February of 2018.

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