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KIGT & The University of California Riverside (UCR) Create EV Charging and Green Energy Partners

KIGT is thrilled to announce our partnership with the University of California Riverside (UCR) and their Center for Environmental Research & Technology (CE-CERT). Together KIGT and CE-CERT will conduct electric vehicle (EV) charging and Microgrid projects throughout California over the next 18 months. With private funds KIGT will install our smart Level 2 (220 Volts) MINI eChargers at the CE-CERT campus in the City of Riverside. The eChargers will be available to the general public as well as faculty, staff, and students. This will be one of the first commercially available smart EV Charging Grid Management projects in California. The most exciting component is the testing of Vehicle to Grid (V2G) EVs with KIGT's Smart EV Charging technology. This project will compliment the existing microgrid already established at CE-CERT which was funded by the South Coast Air Quality Management District and co-sponsors.

The CE-CERT microgrid consists of .5 MW of PV Solar, 1 MWh of Battery Energy Storage, EV Charging, and integrated load management. KIGT will offer a seamless user experience for everyone and make charging your car faster and easier with a credit card swipe on the charging station. We also included an extra layer of security using a cellular network to protect payment information when you use a debit/credit card to charge your plug-in car.

The data collected from this cutting edge project will help KIGT determine the best pricing for EV charging

sessions per kWh. This will help EV Drivers and utilities when energy is at a premium and when electricity costs the most during high-peak demand hours.

UCR's Microgrid management system mixed with KIGT's managed charging technology will help utilities and property owners predict and manage their energy better.

This is extremely critical to prevent power outages from occurring when millions of new battery electric vehicles begin to plug-in.

This project is a major technological breakthrough for the Inland Empire, and the State of California. KIGT and UCR are excited about taking our first steps together to help reshape 100 years of human habit.

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