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KIGT is a Southern California original equipment manufacturer of Smart EV Charging Stations, for Electric Vehicles. When you are at work, at home, or on-the-go KIGT helps you charge your car faster and easier.

As an original equipment manufacturer (OEM), KIGT designs, manufactures, engineers, and installs intelligent EV Charging Stations. KIGT’s all-inclusive turnkey solution helps organizations and individual EV drivers with their EV Charging Station projects. KIGT Smart EV Charging Stations include a vertically integrated software platform, which features KIGT’s Charge Cloud Operating System Software Network.

KIGT created an easy to use intuitive user interface, seamless billing software, and mobile app, with back-end grid management administrative software for property owners and utilities. KIGT’s Level 2 hardware is also Vehicle to Grid (V2G) capable. Meaning KIGT eChargers can facilitate the bi-directional flow of power from V2G capable EVs back to the grid. KIGT manufactures in Southern California, and we have the capacity to produce several thousand EV charging stations monthly.

Fast forward to 2020, KIGT Inc. recently facilitated and instructed the first ever Electric Vehicle Network Technician (EVNT) Training Program in partnership with Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator. The EVNT training program is an intensive 120-200 hour course over three months covering the overall innerworkings of the EV ecosystem and learning to develop the unique skill sets to become an EV Network Technician, along with an understanding on proper safety electrical processes.

Starting in 2010, before KIGT reincorporated we were known as Keep It Green Transit. From 2010-2013 Keep It Green Transit conducted EV pilot projects and Vehicle-to-Grid demonstrations using micro-grids with municipalities, and at the ports of LA and Long Beach. During these projects KIGT donated a V2G Electric Vehicle along with an EV Charging Station.

Fall of 2012 was the year Keep It Green Transit soon to be KIGT organized workshops and Electric Vehicle pilot projects for municipals. Each department was to ask city departments including parking patrol. The city departments were asked to drive the EV daily under normal fleet conditions.

During the pilot projects over 1,000 miles were driven without a depleted while enroot, tens of tons of GHG Emissions reduced, and hundreds of dollars saved during the 30 to 60-day pilots. At the end our projects it was concluded that each city could save over $700,000 in fuel and maintenance within 5 years if they simply replaced 30 gas vehicles out of their fleet.

KIGT has three faith-based projects in Los Angeles that will include five eChargers at McCarty Memorial Church and 10 eChargers Hollywood United Methodist Church, featuring Victory Baptist Church locate in South LA will feature an EV Charging Microgrid project.

The Victory Baptist Church project will include features five eChargers, solar, and battery storage. KIGT, Inc. corporate headquarters is in the Inland Empire in the City of Ontario, California in San Bernardino County.

In February of 2019, Southern California Edison recognized KIGT as the Clean Energy Champion of the Year, as well as an approved Charge Ready Program EV Charging supplier.


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