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KIGT helps Electric Vehicle (EV) and Plug-In Electric Vehicle (PHEV) drivers with what can be an overwhelming and cumbersome process - getting a charge station.

Let KIGT take care of the entire installation process for you. From deciding where at your residence is the best place to install, we will contact your utility, and lastly install your eCharger.

KIGT will assist you with the installation of your Level 2 or Super Charger inside your home or business. This month our team helped two residence in Los Angeles County get EV Charging Station installed inside their home.

KIGT helps you with:

Both Plug-In Car Drivers were recipients of the California Air Resources Board (CARB) Replace Your Ride Program. The Replace Your Ride (RYR) helps curious Plug-In Car Drivers with low-moderate income residing in specified Southern California cities.

They can be eligible to receive up to $9,500 and low-interest financing to replace their ride. Additionally you could be eligible to receive up to $2,000 to purchase and install a 220 Volt Charge Station at your residence.

The Driver must currently own a 2009 or older operational vehicle that they would be willing to scrap in order to be able to participate in the RYR program and receive the down payment assistance.

This is an amazing ground breaking program, that can really help people that can truly benefit from saving an extra $300-$400 a month from never having to pay for gas again. Additionally families can save an extra couple hundreds bucks a year from not having to get an oil change again.

The beauty of it all is that the people who are getting helped using the KIGT Cares services has someone to help them every step of the way.

For more information about the Replace Your Ride program click the link

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