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Austin, Texas Installs KIGT @ The University of Texas

KIGT installs the SLIM Wall eCharger at the University of Texas-Austin inside the Dobie Twenty21 Parking Garage.

Arriving students, parents, and visitors discovered on move-in weekend that the University of Texas-Austin, will offer Smart EV Chargers. This is an ideal location, because the eChargers are within walking distance of the Darrell K Royal–Texas Memorial Stadium along with other on-campus amenities. For limited time FREE CHARGING will be offered as a promotion to bring awareness that KIGT is here to provide Smart EV Charging to the City of Austin.

The garage serves as a safe parking area for students, residents, and visitors partaking in local events and shopping at the Target within steps away. KIGT eChargers are installed on the first two floors in a location that offers entertainment and only steps from University of Texas Austin.

KIGT's SLIM Wall eChargers feature an on-board credit-card swipe with EMV inset, as well as mobile-app payment offering. Local business and brands can also connect with EV drivers by sharing announcements and promotions on the touchscreen. KIGT will also participate in Austin Energy's Demand Response Program and contribute to the energy efficiency efforts with our smart charging feature that will reduce the amount of power flowing to the eChargers during high peak times when requested by the utility.

Those that drive an EV can now feel comfortable knowing public L2 EV Charging is now available at a convenient location on-campus that is in the heart of Downtown Austin where they can experience restaurants, music venues, museums, and other entertainment.

KIGT is thankful for who help make this project become a reality after months of planning and preparation. The project is a huge team accomplishment and an example of teamwork making the dream work.

In a place like Austin, EV Charging is absolutely necessary to support their booming city and KIGT is glad to help and we look forward to growing our network of Smart eChargers in Texas.


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