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Grant Winner! KIGT selected to receive the Inland SoCal iHub Cascade Grant

KIGT is focused on developing and demonstrating potential relevance of providing KIGT’s Smart EV Charging Stations can infrastructure for the national security's military departments and their related supply chains along with the California Electric Vehicle V2G Fleets including the California Independent System Operator (CAISO) who oversees the operation of California's bulk electric power system, transmission lines, and electricity market.

Managed by the iHub Team in partnership with the University of California Riverside’s EPIC SBDC in collaboration with the Riverside County - EDA as well as the San Bernardino County - EDA, along with the Greater Riverside Chambers of Commerce.

This project will assist in determining the best TOU Rate for EV Charging sessions during low demand hours.

Team Leads: Jatomis Stevenson and Brandon Aparicio.

KIGT #SmartEVChargingStations will help determine the amount of power required when electric vehicle (EV) charging spaces and energy are at a premium. KIGT's grid management technology can reduce the amount of power to an EV in real time based on the demand of energy and parking spaces available.

KIGT's Scheduled Charging software will enable property owners to determine which rates they should charge when offering EV owners full power charging sessions during demand response times when electricity cost more.

This Grant will help further develop the microgrid project we have with University of California Riverside's CE-CERT. KIGT's EV Charging Station software, Charge Cloud will determine when a micro-grid (solar, battery, and V2G) can function at its highest optimal capacity while a fleet of EV's or a community of plug-in cars are charging in relation to the load at the facility and on the grid.

EV Charging and V2G data will be collected via Charge Cloud for fleet application analysis. We understand increasing the number of EVs will cause extra stress on a fully loaded power network and has the potential to cause power outages.

Big Ups to the iHub Team, the University of California Riverside’s EPIC SBDC, The County of Riverside - EDA, the San Bernardino County EDA, and the Greater Riverside Chambers of Commerce.Thank you, the KIGT Team truly appreciates this opportunity to further develop innovative #technology in the #InlandEmpire.

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