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Univ. of La Verne & KIGT - 3 Yr. eCharger Deal

KIGT is glad to announce that we will become the primary Electric Vehicle (EV) Charge Station provider for the University of La Verne. KIGT and the Univ. of La Verne have agreed to a 3 Year exclusivity/non-compete agreement. This is the first EV Charging project on the campus for students and visitors, including faculty in staff.

The project will kick off with ten 220 Volt eChargers to be installed in the new south parking structure on campus, nearest to the on-campus housing building.

KIGT has been, the one-stop-shop for the good people at the ULV. KIGT provides more than just plug-in car charge stations, but offered a holistic approach that included project management and full service installation.

Now if you drive an all Electric Car or Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) you can charge you car using the KIGT MINI eCharger. KIGT eChargers are compatible with all Plug-in Vehicles, other than Tesla. You can charge your Tesla Model S or Tesla Model 3 using a KIGT eCharger, however the Tesla adapter is required. The great news is now students that drive EVs or PHEVs can charge their car at school. Visitors who drive zero emission vehicles like the Nissan Leaf and Chevy Bolt can be excited about the idea of always leaving school with a battery fully charged-up. PHEV drivers who own or lease Chevy Volts can benefit from literally never having to pay for gasoline again when they leave campus.


Together with our solar partner American Solar advantage, we at KIGT greatly appreciate and applaud the University of La Verne admin and staff for making intellegent Level 2 EV Charging happen for the greater good of the campus, the students, it's supporters, and it's surrounding eco-system.

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