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Electric Vehicle Network Technician (EVNT) Training Fellowship Program

KIGT is thrilled to launch the Electric Vehicle Network Technician (EVNT) Training Program in partnership with Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator (LACI) and Beard Electric, as part of the KIGT Take Charge Project. LACI recruited from a pool of 84 applicants with diverse backgrounds and only 30 were chosen to participate in the first cohort.

These candidates will earn electrical safety in the workplace (NFPA 70-E) verification and completed their EVNT training. This initiative targets to establish Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in strategic locations in California underserved communities within opportunity zone limits. The goal of the EV Network Technician Training Program is two fold:

1 ) Help people become aware of the overall innerworkings of the EV ecosystem,

2 ) To develop new skill sets to become an EV Network Technician. Our hope is that students will continue their training and education past this cohort in order to launch a career in this field.

How is the #EVNT Training Program set up?The training is set up as 6 modules. We believe that everyone can learn, however, the difference is delivering knowledge tailored to how we each learn. Therefore, we take time to understand how you learn and create a few community agreements to ensure we are learning together.

EVNT Training will help people in the Greater Los Angeles region with job training and job placement opportunities in the Electric Vehicle Charging Industry. Those completing EVNT training will have the skills to become employees or independent contractors to trouble shoot Smart Charging networks. Some will choose additional training to gain skills in electrical training, electrical installers, software development, or cyber security. Within the Take Charge Project students can choose to extend their education with additional training programs where students will learn how to diagnose and fix actual electrical issues that occur with EV Charging Stations.

This training course will give the students professional guidance for configuring EV Charging Stations in areas of hardware refurbishing, providing new parts, expert labor and possibly the installation of replacement units. The primary objective of the Take Charge Project is to make the transition of electric vehicle adoption simple, exciting, and transparent.

We want to use this project to achieve lower emissions, lower individual and organization mobility operating expenses and as a result better air quality for Californians. KIGT is resolute to reshape 100 years of human habit by revolutionizing the car fueling experience for all those who drive, commute, or use public transit.

Our desire for the Take Charge Project is to help people earn a living wage and, in some cases, additional income with a steady work opportunity for network troubleshooting, installing, and repair of EV Charging Stations. What does it take to be successful? Curiosity and drive. The EV industry is growing everyday. We are excited that students from this first cohort chose to take a chance on this industry. We are thrilled to hire and contract the graduates of the program because we believe that all of them will have a successful future in the EV Charging industry.

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