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2012 City of West Covina EV Pilot Project

From 2010-2013 Keep It Green Transit conducted EV pilot projects and Vehicle-to-Grid demonstrations using micro-grids with municipalities like the City of West Covina.

In 2012 KIGT donated a V2G Electric Vehicle and Level 2 EV Charging Station to the City of West for an EV Pilot Project KIGT. The intent was to demonstrate how EVs can work within fleet applications.

For 30 days each department was to ask city departments including parking patrol.

The city departments were asked to drive the EV daily under normal fleet conditions.

During the pilot projects over 1,000 miles were driven without a depleted while enroot, tens of tons of GHG Emissions reduced, and hundreds of dollars saved during the 30 to 60-day pilots.

At the end our projects it was concluded that by replacing only 30 gasoline fleet vehicles that were costing on average $5,000 in maintenance per vehicle the City could realize a surplus of $80,000 within a year.

In five years the City would save over $700,000 in fuel and maintenance by replacing 30 gasoline vehicles with EVs.

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