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Over the past several years we have interviewed and met with hundreds of people about their All Electric Vehicle (EV) or Plug-in Hybrid Vehicle (PHEV) experience.

We found out that many of you who drive a Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) love never having to pay for gas again. The enjoy driving in the carpool lane when they are alone, rarely having to sit with the masses in traffic.

In this video you will hear from a range of drivers and their reasoning for deciding that the next car they buy will be another car that plugs-in.

We spoke with Chevy Volt drivers, Ford C-Max drivers, Nissan Leaf lovers, early adopter CODA buyers, and owners of the legendary Toyota RAV4.

When he asked Todd how he felt about leasing his second Chevy Volt he told us "It just made sense".

One of our favorite Nissan Leaf owners Walter said "SAVINGS keep a smile on your face."

People like Walter and Todd are the reasons why the KIGT team really cares about what Plug-In Car Drivers care the most about.

We make sure that we listen to what matters so your driving and charging experience at home or on the road is faster, easier, and more affordable.

We hope you enjoyed the videos.

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