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KIGT @ CES 2017

Consumer Electronics Show 2017 was absolutely dazzling. The style in which these new companies released their innovative services and products was simply refreshing. As an EV Charging Manufacturer KIGT was excited to witness the unveiling of many concept Electric Cars and about 16 new Plug-In vehicles for 2017-2018.

Faraday Motors displayed to the world the future of Electric Vehicles with their very big and very cool looking Sedan EV. The KIGT team is intrigued to see what Faraday Motors does next. Also we had a glimpse at Hyundai's new Plug-In Hybrid (PHEV), Audi's e-Tron, Ford Motors with their product line of Plug-In Cars, and one of our favorites Mercedes.

We are excited about the opportunity to potentially fuel the drivers who choose to drive these beautiful Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs).

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