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Love Letter to the Electric Vehicle (EV)

Electric Car, Why I Love You! You were my way into a new world. You have helped me live a dream I was only able to see in my imagination before you came into my life. 

When I first laid eyes on you, I knew we were meant to be together forever. It was LOVE at first site. 

In 2009 I knew while sitting in that Starbucks you and I could change the World together. You were beautiful, you were elegant, you were dazzling, and you were different than anything I had ever seen before. Truth is, I thought you were SUPER HOT!

But most importantly I knew on the inside you were capable of so much more than what the naked eye can see. So when I fell for you, I fell HARD!

Day and night you are always on my mind. And during these late nights when I am not able to rest, you always give me a glimmer of hope for what the future could have in store. During our journey we have made a lot of magic happen and met some incredible people that have helped us discover new ideas.

We’ve had many great adventures together and along with the good times, have come some challenging times. 

You see the seed was planted in Pittsburgh. As you know our very the seed blossomed  in Las Vegas and the Inland Empire. 

The first trip we took to Sacramento in 2009 was so memorable. I was very green and filled with anticipation, yet nervous all at the same time to be in town “on business” in California’s Capital. But your influence helped me stay calm. 

After we completed our first mission to Newport and then back home without plugging-in to charge up, was when I knew we would help reshape 100 years of human habit together.  

We have attended so many conferences together, so many meetings, and have had the opportunity to share our stories with so many people from all over the world over the years. 

(I mean, Remember our crazy trip to Minnesota?That 3D print company really tested our patience, I am so glad we made it out of that hot mess! Lol.)

I am unsure if you know but the trip that cemented our path forever was when you helped me get to the Dominican Republic, where we caught some real good juju. 

The good juju continued when we told our love story in D.C. to the bright students and committed faculty at Howard University. Then our special time in the Nation’s Capital was highlighted when you helped several people and myself get to the capital building so we can all passionately and peacefully protest during the March for Science (remember when we saw Bill Nye there?).  

EV you contributed heavily to starting the KIGT STEM internship program for high school students in the community where I grew up. Together with our team we have helped our youth find a new path. 

With your help we have built an amazing company with SENSATIONAL people, I now call my FRIENDS. The Keep It Green Team (KIGT) has grown from colleagues, to friends, and now FAMILY. And EV, we have you to thank for bringing us closer together under one shared vision.

Being with you has helped me look more inward and discover my true purpose. Due to your influence I am more driven, more loving, and more eager to wake up every morning to spend my days creating a new world with you.

Over the past nine years you have tested my resolve and my commitment to always dream BIG. EV your presence helped make my dreams become a reality, and for that I am forever grateful. Let us continue to reshape 100 years of human habit together. Through thick and thin and till death do us part, EV I am committed to you. Lovingly, Paul Francis  



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